Open Carolina on iTunes U

What do I need to access Carolina on iTunes U?

  1. If you do not already have it installed, download iTunes from Apple’s web site
  2. Double click the file and follow the installation instructions
  3. Visit and click the “Open Carolina on iTunes U” button or open iTunes and select iTunes U in the iTunes store and look for UNC Chapel Hill.

Is the content protected by digital rights management (DRM)?

No. As part of the agreement for using the iTunes U store and back end services, all content must be free of DRM.

Can I play the files on something other than an iPod?

Yes. Although you will need iTunes in order to access the Carolina on iTunes U site, you can copy the files you choose to download to any player that can play .mp4 AAC (MPEG4) content. You can also right click (control + click on a Mac) on an audio track in iTunes and choose “Convert Selection to MP3” from the menu and then copy that file to any MP3 player. You may also burn any content in iTunes to a CD, including anything you downloaded from Carolina on iTunes U.

Is there a charge for using iTunes U?

No. All content provided through Carolina on iTunes U is free of charge and Apple does not charge the University for this service.

Do I have to download content to see or hear it?

No. You can play audio or video files via progressive streaming right in the iTunes program. In order to move a file to your iPod or other player, click the “GET” button next to the track.

Can I subscribe to a podcast?

Certainly. To subscribe in iTunes, navigate to the section of content you wish to receive and click the “subscribe” button. As new content is added, it will automatically be downloaded to the “Podcasts” area in your iTunes music library.

How can my school, department or organization add content to the UNC Chapel Hill site?

We are currently in an early stage of the Carolina on iTunes U project and adding content is limited to the members of the founding partnership. See the list of local administrators below; if one is in your area they may be able to provide assistance.

Doug Edmunds, School of Law
Fred Thomsen, School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Brian Payst, Division of Student Affairs
Aaron Brubaker, School of Information & Library Science
Sarah Lamm, General Alumni Association
Andrew Lang & Zack Fisher, College of Arts & Sciences
Casey Emerson, School of Pharmacy
Steve Hallman, Kenan-Flagler Business School
Dennis Schmidt & Robb Kehoe, School of Medicine
Jerry Calleson, School of Public Health
Mark Robinson, Department of Communication Studies
Jim George, School of Dentistry
Todd Nicolet, School of Government
Manny Garcia, School of Social Work

Can content be restricted to only persons associated with UNC Chapel Hill?

At this time we are only posting content that can be publicly accessible. We are working to integrate iTunes U into Blackboard and other campus systems to provide for finer grained control over certain content items.

How did the Carolina on iTunes U initiative get started?

Carolina on iTunes U grew out of an initial demo provided by Apple to IT staff and interested faculty on campus in spring 2006. Several attendees expressed interest at that time, but the project was slow to gain momentum due to concerns over time and resources required, as well as campus governance of the free service. Led by Doug Edmunds, assistant dean for IT in the law school, the Carolina iTunes U Initiative became a reality in the early part of 2007, with a broad coalition of participants representing most of the professional schools, the college of arts & sciences, student affairs, and other key campus constituencies. With assistance from university counsel, this group met throughout 2007 to establish the necessary procedures and legal arrangements with Apple and worked out a memorandum of understanding that defines roles and responsibilities for participation.